As previously mentioned previous, Mrs. Winchester truly discovered the trio that is dynamic of primes by learning Bacon’s utilization of them

The Winchester Algorithm

Additionally, she learned the larger dimensional math of William Thompson (Lord Kelvin), and William Rowan Hamilton.

Thompson (1824-1907) theorized the existence of “Vortex Atoms.” They are maybe maybe perhaps not atoms within the ordinary feeling, but instead act like tiny, sub-atomic “whirlpools,” resonating and stretching in a variety of modes of symmetry in a massive greater dimensional foam or ether. Just just just What Thompson had been explaining (almost one and a half hundreds of years ago) ended up being, basically, the mechanics of what’s now called “String Theory.” The essential issue aided by the Vortex Atom (it functions being a “blob. once we now understand) is the fact that, theoretically,” in an effort become self-consistent, the blob will have to resonate during the rate of light—which we currently know can be an impossible feat for a blob-like structure to do. Nonetheless, it had been later demonstrated that a structure that is string-like resonate during the rate of light—hence, “String Theory” as opposed to “Blob Theory.”

The larger dimensional atomic concept for the latter area of the nineteenth century needed a greater dimensional make of math to explain its functions. Thompson never ever completely accomplished that end. Nonetheless, the Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton formulated a method when the symmetries regulating revolution function in four dimensional room may be revealed. He called their innovation “Quaternions.”

The Winchester algorithm is just a simplified variation of quaternions, except it only makes use of real numbers (rather than Hamilton’s fictional numbers). More over, two numbers are constantly increased by one another, making something that will be partitioned, therefore the numbers that are partitioned then added together leading to a amount. For instance, 52 x 88 = 4,576. This system can then be partitioned as 45 76, which, whenever combined becomes 121 (11 squared), or, it could be partitioned (through the inside-out) as 57 46, which, whenever combined equates to 103 (13). Or, it may be partitioned in reverse, in other words. 67 54, which, whenever combined also renders 121.

Realize that 52 x 88 is truly a variant of 7 x 7—because 52 and 88 both simplify to the true number 7. therefore, the merchandise has got to be considered a variation of 49 (for example. 7 squared). In this situation, the variation of 49 is 4,576 (for example. 52 x 88). This quantity or other variation of 7 squared will usually equate into the quantity 13 (or variants of 13), which then simplify to 4. By partitioning this quantity set, and combining the partitions, the relationship that is symmetrical 7 squared, 11 squared, as well as the quantity 13 was demonstrated.

The importance of the Winchester algorithm is the fact that it reveals concealed symmetries that could otherwise never be understood or seen. Even as we shall see, the dynamics regarding the algorithm are necessary to your application of higher dimensional mathematics.

Obviously, whenever Winchester figures are used within the algorithm, stunning symmetries are often created. The reason why we realize about Sarah’s algorithm is really because she included an amazing calculating unit in to the House that demonstrably shows just how greater dimensional mathematics works. Furthermore, any 10 12 months child that is old equipped having a calculator, can certainly turn into a master of Sarah’s quantity system.

The Spider-web Window

The Winchester House has 13 restrooms. The bathroom that is 13th 13 actions prior to its entry. The external wall surface around the entry has 13 lumber panels. In, we find six, identical windows, all fashioned in a distinctive “Spider-web” design. This is the final place where Sarah clearly wanted the “enlightened initiate” to land although there are other “Spider-web” windows located in other parts of the House. Here, Sarah has ingeniously included her spider-web design to the architecture as a calculating unit operating both being an instructional tool that shows exactly exactly how her algorithm works, so that as a model exposing the basic, symmetric framework associated with the world.

Sarah’s Symmetric Spider-web design

The look regarding the spider-web window is essential for many reasons. For starters, it certainly possesses the grade of captivating people who venture in. But, more to the point, it represents the tangled, interconnectedness of all of the things. They are perhaps perhaps perhaps not simple geometric designs intersecting a pane of cup, instead they are to be looked at as residing strands of fibrous sequence which not merely link the patient bits of cup, but additionally, through the characteristics of “gauge symmetry,” unify all things right into a complete entire.

exactly just What else are we to see in this screen? Sarah knew we would spot the outside perimeters for the internet (unlike the webs we observe in the wild) form a four-sided square—and she’s got purposely embedded four items of cup in to the outer-most side of each one of the four edges, in other terms. 4444. Know that the “window” is just showing us a two view that is dimensional of spider-web (become discussed later).

The thing that is next wishes us to see is the fact that internet contains 49 split bits of cup. We remember this is of the quantity because it pertains to both the amount 13, and its own display that is prominent in grid of Sarah’s room ceiling.

Next, Sarah directs our awareness of the quantity 52 ( Winchester). But, where are we to locate it? Ah… yes, true to Bacon’s theme of concealment, we must look between your bits of glass—and, as expected, the 49 pieces are typical accompanied together at precisely 52 different points.

The web’s center is occupied by a group. It’s the only group in the window’s design. The group is not intersected or divided, nor are there some of the web-like faculties we see distributed on the remaining portion of the window’s area. Yet, every thing when you look at the pattern contributes to the circle—and, everything hails from it.

You will find three spider-web bands moving outward through the group like concentric waves in a pond. Their quality that is web-like is consequence of inverting every one of the arcs that link the 3 points of each and every band. More over, all the bands contain 16 bits of glass—however, the 3rd, outer-most band is squared down, which types the outer boundary associated with the internet.

As the quantity 16 simplifies to 7, we possibly may see these three rings that are concentric 777 (in place of 16 16 16). And, we remember that the true number 777 also corresponds to your title William (34) Wirt (25) Winchester (52).

Spider-web Window, Concentric Groups

Sarah further knew that individuals would increase 49 x 777, which means 38073. Then, 38 + 73 = 111 (for example. Bacon, Kaye Cipher, and William Wirt Winchester, Pythagorean Cipher). Also, she knew we might note that the quantity 49 simplifies to 13—hence, 13 x 777 = 10101 (111). Also, the reverse “palindromic” twin of 13 is 31—thus, 31 x 777 yields the same result, i.e. 31 x 777 = 24087—then, 24 + 87 = 111. In reality, any variation of this quantity 13 (for example. 4, 22, 31, 58, 85, 67, 76, 49, 94, 121, 112, 211, or 1111, etc.), whenever increased by the number 777 will render the symmetry always of 111.

Sarah further knew we might then use the tables of our ideas to your quantity 52. Therefore, we now multiply 52 x 777, causing 40404, i.e. 444 (the combined value of Bacon’s Rossi Crosse seals). Obviously, once the # 7, or any variation of the quantity is multiplied by 777, the end result (through the Winchester algorithm) will be 444 always.

And, needless to say 13, or any variant of 13, increased by 444 will usually end up in 777. Note the good thing about the merchandise of 13 x 444—it’s 5772. It is tantamount to placing the word “ Winchester goose” (77) within the true title Winchester (52). Both Bacon and Sarah needed to keenly have been alert to this. Furthermore, the true title Winchester seems exactly 27 times when you look at the Shakespearean works. We remember that Bacon’s “super” term from Loves’ Labour’s Lost, honorificabilitudinitatibus, includes 27 letters. 27 rotates into 117 (John Dee), and, whenever reversed, it really is 72 (Sarah Winchester) or 711.

For Sarah and Bacon, 444 had been an expression that is simplified of. It is similarly real associated with the relationship between 777 and 161616. The 3 symmetric triplets of 777, 111, and 444 are in fact greater dimensional expressions of 7, 11, and 13.

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