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  Warehouse Picker-LSC/Q2102


Warehouse Packer in the Logistics industry is also known as Packer, Floor Staff, Warehouse Associate. Individuals in this role need to pack items that have been picked or require binning. Individuals are responsible for packing items that require additional pre-packing or outbound packaging. Additional responsibilities could at times include loading and unloading cargo, labeling, re-packaging items and documenting cargo that has been moved. The difference in tasks performed under the Packer role thus varies according to the volume of operations, however the core function of the role is to pack items according to the nature of the product either for storage or transportation.

Core Units

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(Core - all units required)

Competency Name


Prepare For Packing


Perform Packing


Perform Post Packing Activities


To carry out housekeeping

Elective Units

Elective Units
(Elective - optional units)

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