International Skills Training

The International Skills Training (IST) courses were launched as a new Australian Government initiative in April 2017. This initiative will oversee the delivery of training courses specifically designed and developed for the offshore international student market. These non-AQF courses aim to address critical competency gaps, support global skills needs in the global workforce, and provide Australian registered training organisations (RTOs) the opportunity to offer additional products to support overseas stakeholders to meet their diverse skills needs.


What are the International Skills Training courses?

The International Skills Training courses have been developed by Australian industry, facilitated by the Australian Government, to help support the global demand for quality training and assessment skills.

There is a growing global demand for skills training that is internationally applicable, as countries seek to improve their technical vocational education and training systems (TVET), industry demands increasing numbers of skilled workers and workers seek quality, recognised training. The courses will support the training of an international workforce with the skills and capacity necessary for meeting aspirations for economic growth held by all countries.

Australia has invested heavily in ensuring its training system is based on high quality standards and is defined by the skills requirements outlined by industry. This positions Australia well to assist other countries in growing their skills capacity. The International Skills Training courses have been developed by Australian TVET expertise and are licensed by the Australian Government for delivery by quality Australian RTOs.


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