Mouthed its President Grzegorz Schetyna. Today, the largest opposition party wonders what to do with the services, if it manages to win the parliamentary elections in the autumn. The debate about their condition and the future was one of the events of Friday forum software PO. In the discussion, alongside politicians Szlapki Adam, Elizabeth and Martin Radziszewska Kierwińskiego, practitioners attended services issues and their heads were: Krzysztof Bondaryk general, who headed the Internal Security Agency in the period 2008-2013, General Radoslaw Kujawa first civilian intelligence officer and later head of the Military Intelligence Service, and Piotr Niemczyk, one of the architects of services after 1989., deputy director of the Intelligence Office of State Protection, a longtime adviser to the parliamentary committee. special services. See also: Senate human rights committee adopted a report on the activities of the CBA for 2018 years »In the diagnosis of the current state of things everyone agreed – odpartyjnienia require service. – I would put the question differently: what to do to odideologizować special services, which is very visible, and I mean Soldiers accursed cult, the cult of Smolensk.

It is aimed at forming a new type of officer in the CBA or the Internal Security Agency, which is obedient one political option. These are not state services, and the service of the ruling party – said Krzysztof Bondaryk. In his view, de-politicization is not as big a challenge, because the head is almost always services policies. So it is now – Minister Mariusz Kaminski services coordinator is the Vice President of Law and Justice. Previously managed them, being also the ministers of internal affairs, or Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz Jacek Cichocki. – Services are from that to deal with hard-interest and national security, intelligence and counterintelligence.

The tasks will have less contact with the policy, the better. The greater confidence in the country, the greater the confidence in the services – says Radoslaw Kujawa. Piotr Niemczyk also believes that the need to strengthen parliamentary oversight of the services, which today holds parliamentary committee. Special services. In his view, opinions on the heads of the formation that has a place there, is pure fiction, because it is not binding on anyone.

This problem could be solved before making decisions by consensus, not by a simple voting większością.zobacz also Wojtunik: In Poland, destroys the people who think differently than governing. Also me [INTERVIEW] “- Perhaps you should also appoint an independent body to control the service, consisting eg. Of three judges of the Supreme Court – says former deputy director of the UOP. In his view, de-politicization can take place when the officers are properly held accountable for the Task Force and its services and objectives, rather than manually steered and focused on settling old scores. – So let’s strengthen the parliamentary committee and the College for. Special Services.

Except that this second body could look quite different – says Niemczyk. In his view, the college is now an institution facade. The assumption is the advisory body of the government involved in the programming, supervision and coordination of the activities of. In his meetings involving their heads, but the members of the college are the ministers of interior, foreign affairs, finance, national defense and the head of the presidential National Security Bureau. Both Bondaryk and Niemczyk believe that the elimination of the CBA will go smoothly if you take over the powers of the police and to some extent the ABW. – Police do not need to give any power to prosecute corruption, because she has them, both at the operational and investigative. In exceptional cases ABW can deal with the most important state officials.

Also it has suitable tools and powers. Services in Poland is too much, one less will not do any harm to the security of the state – says the former head of the Internal Security Agency. CBA also supports the liquidation Niemczyk. In his opinion, the operation of the office is a “complete misunderstanding” among others because statistics. – Police today will detect more than 60 percent. corruption cases in Poland. Where these concern the central level politicians, the MPs, ministers – then it should deal with the ABW. Sometimes, in cases of corruption is in fact a clear element of kontrwywiadowczy, because I do not know why someone goes to a politician with money – says Niemczyk. – It seems to me also that it is a good idea to National Tax Administration checked the statements of assets of all public officials. This should verify fully independent body – he adds.

According to Radoslaw Kujawa existence of anti-corruption service it makes sense only if it is established to effectively combat corruption in the ranks of power and focused on that. Its officers must be confident that they detected irregularities will be investigated. On the witness will also be called justice minister at the time, Jaroslaw Gowin (now Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education – PAP) – Horal said. The request was submitted envoy Genevieve Tokarska with the PSL. “In my opinion, this is not the world of the key, because he was attorney general and is not responsible for the prosecution of crime to defraud VAT, but if the will is there, it is also the Prime Minister Gowin we call” – said Horała.Komisja also decided to call a witness Pawel Gras, head of the Office of Prime Minister Donald Tusk payforaresearchpaper, Slawomir Nowak (head of the political office of Prime Minister Tusk) and again Elzbieta Chojna-Duch (former Deputy Minister of finance) .Ich hearing will probably take place in March next year. (PAP) by Longin Grzegórska-Szpyt Brudzinski asked about whether the elections will be accelerated, said: “In you I always tell the truth, but if you in this introductory word promises that you will be asked the interior minister of the secret plans, this – Mr Editor – this is . my commitment to keep secret secret plans to talk about them “- he said. At the same time he stressed that “there is no need to have recourse fake news, even if they are on poczytnego single one, so far, the daily” .See also: Justice Minister: Reports “GW” for early elections is absurd »inquired whether denies PiS planned accelerated elections in March, Brudziński replied: “I deny, Mr Editor.” He assured that no proposed early elections the President of the Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski. “This is absolutely not true.

Once again I want to emphasize this” – said Brudziński. On the journalist’s question whether he would tell about the secret plans of Justice, if he had such knowledge, Brudziński replied: “At the outset I said that I speak with you only the truth.” Interior Minister also referred to information that MEP Miroslaw Piotrowski has filed for registration of the political party Movement True Europe, for which he would become about. Tadeusz Rydzyk. “I do not know how much (percentage of votes – PAP) can count group, which is not yet operational, does not have any structures. I am not from this that the tea leaves foretell here” – zaznaczył.zobacz also Mazurek: In the spring there will be accelerated parliamentary elections »He stressed that” appreciates each voter, the one who listens to Radio Maryja. ” “To was a matter of course, my favorite station, especially when I go back to my beloved Szczecin, it is the radio station of. Tadeusz Rydzyk” – said Brudziński.

According to the head of the Interior Ministry. Tadeusz Rydzyk has many friends among the PiS politicians. “I hope that the listeners of the radio station. Tadeusz Rydzyk already have a preconceived political views and will vote for Law and Justice,” – he said. Lewiatan Confederation appealed earlier this week to the Minister of Investment and Development Jerzy Kwieciński amendment called for support. pharmacy for the pharmacist, indicating that the amendment of the Constitution would mean the realization of the ideals for business. According to Leviathan, the negative effects of existing legislation and the patients feel entrepreneur. According to the Supreme Chamber of Pharmacists, “use the fact the adoption of package of laws called the Constitution for business + + to make another attempt to discredit changes in pharmaceutical law shows the true intentions of the Leviathan.” “Following an appeal to the Minister of Investment and Development, the organization creates a false picture of reality, based on communications, which have been repeatedly denied by the source, which in its communications invariably invokes Leviathan” – says NIA.zobacz also Clinic pole will not buy drugs pharmacy »the Chamber maintains that” speaking about the introduction of the restrictive model of the pharmacy market, Leviathan seems to overlook the fact that currently 70 per cent. European pharmacies are covered by specific regulations such as Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Belgium “. NIA also argues that, after nearly a year of the “pharmacy for the pharmacist”, “company professionally engaged in the analysis of the pharmaceutical market” did not see the negative impact of this adjustment on the patient.

NIA believes that “the law gradually organizes the pharmaceutical sector, in which 60 per cent. Has been dominated by a network pharmacy (in 2004. In Poland there were 45, today there are approx. 420).” The Chamber argues that the expansion of the network took place at the expense of Polish individual pharmacies – day fell two small pharmacy in their place arose three pharmacy network. In the opinion of the Chamber of Pharmacists, if no one is deterred this process four years individual pharmacies would disappear from the market, and the consequences of this phenomenon would be irreversible for the Polish gospodarki.zobacz: Pharmacy pharmacist for more harm than good?

Leviathan calls for changes »The Chamber recalls that on June 25 last year for a permit to operate a pharmacy can try both the pharmacist and the individual. “The amendment pharmaceutical law is changed, only pharmacists entrusting responsibility for the conduct of new pharmacies, conducted within selected partnerships” – pointed NIA. In her opinion, this highlights the important role of the pharmacist in the health care system and its dual responsibility: professional and financial. The Chamber maintains that the purpose of the Act was, among others, restore the availability of medicines and pharmaceutical services in rural areas and in smaller towns. NIA says that since the entry into force of the provisions to December last. R., Was established in these areas approx. 120 pharmacies and nearly 50 pharmacy outlets. “Quite a catchy theory seems to be on the termination of leases pharmacies located in galleries and shopping malls.

Do not, however, confirms its analysis prepared by the experts portal, who tested 629 pharmacies in Warsaw over the past four years,” – wrote the House, stating that in this study we reported one case of expiry of the permit, which was related to moving to another pharmacy premises. “New cases were not related to the Apothecary Pharmacy + + – the result of individual decision-pharmacists entrepreneurs” – says Chamber. In a letter to the Minister of Investment and Development Confederation Lewiatan expert assessed inter alia, that the so-called. “Pharmacy for the pharmacist,” introduced the most restrictive and over-regulated pharmacy market model, unprecedented in developed countries. Leviathan argues that there are already examples of pharmacies, which due to the termination of the lease agreement and the regulations introduced by the law has been or will be liquidated. Pharmaceutical law introduced four – according Leviathan restrictive – limit: ownership (operate a pharmacy can only pharmacist), quantitative (you can be the owner of up to four pharmacies, and can not exceed the limit of 1 per cent. Owned pharmacies in the region) and the geographic and demographic (without any exceptions, such as hospitals, railway stations and shopping centers, which – as submitted by the Confederation – is standard in countries where such restrictions apply). “Pharmacy chemist for” aroused divergent opinions, both shared the same pharmacists, businessmen, and politicians.

Ardanowski in an interview with TVP Info stressed that the group, chaired by doing everything possible to emphasize the common Polish-Jewish history and this – as he said – “Paradisus Judaeorum, who was also in Poland for centuries for Jews, this paradise, which here had “. “We do not hide also those difficult parts of our history that is not always the Poles this trial society endured. But these were people who need the name indicate, and not spread the responsibility for the whole nation. This is a lie,” – he stressed, referring to the Sunday after the speech the head of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel Katz. Ardanowski pointed that the Jewish community are not uniform, and also drew attention to the ongoing election campaign in Israel. In his assessment of Israeli politicians, “some groups are trying to win over, probably also those who do not love the Polish” .See also: Israel Katz does not regret his statements about anti-Semitism of Poles »Netanyahu and Putin meet in Moscow» “Internal policies of Israel decides odgrzewaniu also those of our antagonism, some of those demons of the past “- he stressed Ardanowski. “No doubt this battle the dust settles. The election is held, someone wins, someone loses, and they will be ashamed” – he added.

He recalled that the Americans, among others, US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, believe that the Israeli side should apologize. According to the minister the cause of the lack of apology can be a “cynical game the election, that uses arguments that are false and deceitful.” “And perhaps also hoped that the Poles do not notice. Or that we will not respond,” – he said. “We need to be determined. Straightening all lies” – he stressed Ardanowski. As argued, the relationship between so-so close nations must be based on truth and not on lies. “Sometimes I see that this fanning the flames, that baiting, this venom is sometimes more is among the Poles, among our various experts + + + our + specialists of the history of Polish-Jewish” – he said.

In his opinion, a lot of people in the Jewish community “can rise above even some grievances” and “talk about the historical truth.” After. the head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Israel Katz, referring to the words attributed by the media, the Israeli Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Our Prime Minister made it clear. I myself am the son of Holocaust survivors. Like every Israeli and Jew can say: we will not forget and do not forgive. It was many Poles who collaborated with the Nazis and – as said Yitzhak Shamir (b.

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