Work Placements and Employee Opportunities


What is Work Placement?

Work placement is a mandatory component of many Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses. It provides an opportunity for students to gain real experience through supervised work in a real organisation. To find out if your course requires mandatory work placement, visit our Courses.  

How is Work Placement Organised?

Each student that undertakes work placement as part of their REACH qualification is representing REACH for Training. Because of this, work placement is generally completed towards the end of your qualification to ensure that you have gained enough theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work competently in the industry. At REACH for Training students are encouraged to find their own work placement. We believe this provides students with the skills needed to actively seek employment once they have completed their qualification. When looking for work placement opportunities, students should consider:
  • Am I interested in this organisation?
  • Am I able to get to and from work placement easily?
  • Are there opportunities to gain employment after I have completed work placement?
Although students are encouraged to find their own work placement, REACH will still provide support to assist each student in finding a work placement opportunity that is right for them.

Employment Opportunities and Outcomes

At REACH for Training we believe in supporting our students to be job-ready. To do this, we undertake regular industry consultations to understand what the industry is looking for and what kinds of skill shortages exist. We then tailor our training programs to include the knowledge and skills required to successfully work in local industry’s. By doing this, our students are given a competitive advantage in the workforce. Although REACH is regularly working with industry professionals, we also encourage students to get familiar with the local industry they would like to work in. This is also a great opportunity to find out which local organisations may be willing to accept work placement students and which organisations may be looking for employees in the future. Each course offered by REACH provides students with employable knowledge and skills. However employment outcomes for each course will be based on the industry and location where the training took place. To capture as much information about employment outcomes as possible, REACH for Training provides students with a Learner Employment Survey after the completion of their studies. This information is then used to provide current statistical data that informs our business, students and industry partners. Additionally, MySkills provides industry-specific statistics and information on employment outcomes across Australia.